Why “On Our Hearts?”

For quite a while, I wrestled with a title for this new blog of mine. I didn’t want the title to be too specific; I didn’t want to feel limited in what I could post here. It is not just an adoption blog, and it is not just a home school blog, and it’s not just a faith-based blog. It’s about our family…and all of life really. I wanted to choose a title that would encompass anything I could potentially want to write about here.

So I won’t always post super-spiritual stuff here, but the way I chose my blog title just happened to be from Scripture. My first pick for a title was, “With All Our Hearts.” This was based off of one of my favorite Bible verses, Deuteronomy 6:5. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart…….” I thought this would be a great title because I do strive to do everything I do as an act of love for my God. I fail miserably most days, but I do love God, and I want everything I do to be out of a heart of love for Him. This blog title was already taken unfortunately.

So I turned to that chapter in Deuteronomy and read the whole context of that verse hoping something else might come to mind. In this chapter, the Israelites are preparing to enter the promised land. God has given them His law, the 10 Commandments, and he is giving them final instructions for living a life before Him in their new home. In Deut. 6:6, God says, “These words, which I commanding you today, shall be on your heart.”

How fitting! As my husband and I strive to raise our daughter to be a God-worshipper, and as we strive to draw closer to the Lord and His word each day, these words, God’s words should be on our hearts always. I confess that sometimes I am too busy struggling with my own sins to keep His words on my heart, but this is my desire. I thought giving this blog that title would be a daily reminder for me to keep the most important things on my heart each day.

So, yes, at times, I will be writing about how God’s words are impacting my heart and our lives. Sometimes I will just share thoughts, musings, life struggles and life victories. I will post about my kid. A lot. I’m sure sometimes my posts will be totally random! But, every time I log into Word Press to send some more thoughts out into cyber space, I will be reminded to check my heart. What is on my heart today? Is it the things of this world or the truth of God? What should be on my heart?

So that’s the story of how this blog came to be.